Jack Santiago

Jack Santiago

Business Program Facilitator - DISNEY INSTITUTE

Jack Santiago is a facilitator for Disney Institute. In this role, Jack incorporates more than 25 years of leadership experience into helping organizations enhance the way they do business. Jack joined The Walt Disney Company in 1999 as a front office manager. He served as a leader to various lines of business including food and beverage, hospitality, merchandise, park and event services, resort sales, and translation services.

During his six years as a Disney Institute business solutions advisor Jack worked with executive teams from a broad spectrum of organizations, from small non‐profit associations to multi‐national corporations, most in the healthcare industry, for many years our largest market segment. In 2008, Jack brought his talent for teaching to the Disney Institute facilitation team. This opportunity allows him to travel around the world to help his audiences take their business to the next level. In true leadership initiative, Jack was the first Disney Institute facilitator to translate and deliver business programs in Spanish. This opened the door to the entire catalog of programming available for delivery in both English and Spanish, introducing content to an entirely new market segment throughout Europe and Latin America.

Prior to joining Disney, Jack held a leadership role with a major international hotel chain. Along with delivering Disney Institute programs as a facilitator, Jack also serves the Walt Disney World Resort as an official Disney Representative. Hosting multi‐national media teams, associations and organizations from around the globe allow him to share the Disney heritage and history with guests. He regularly contributes to Disney community relations, minority business development and media relations efforts.

Jack is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and human resource management from Columbia College in Columbia, Mo. Jack is active in both the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). He currently serves as executive vice president of business development for the Orlando chapter of the ALPFA.